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Science for All team members 2019
Our mission is to support and promote STEM fields in the urban Twin Cities
community by visiting local schools and providing students an
opportunity to perform intricate science experiments
to foster “scientific method”-based thought processes.


SFA volunteers meet once every month with a group of students at a local middle school to help guide them perform hands-on experiments covering a wide-range of topics, e.g., light, sound, fluid mechanics, reaction kinetics, nanoengineering, renewable energy, etc.). Each experiment is designed to emphasize three main aspects of the "scientific method":

1. Identifying pertinent questions (e.g., what is the best type of light source for powering a solar-powered car?);

2. Conceiving plausible hypotheses (e.g., high-energy UV light is the best source for powering this windmill);

3. Designing experiments to test these hypotheses (e.g., measure the energy output of a solar cell powered by UVA, UVB, UVC, blue, green, yellow, and red light followed by a comparative efficiency analysis).


We work closely with the teachers to develop new experiments that not only reinforce concepts already covered in their science curriculum, but also exhibit new and exciting phenomena. We aim to work with the students throughout the year in order to cultivate a strong academic & personal relationship and motivate them to pursue a career in STEM. 

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